For 17+ years, Modern Images has been among the industry leaders in motorsports wraps in the racing community. With cutting edge graphic styles, premium vinyl material, and excellent customer service, it’s easy to see why our cars stand out on the track, on television, in the pits and in photos/videos.


Styles and trends change year after year, and we pride ourselves on adapting and growing at the same time — often times we’re leading the change.


At Modern Images, we realize that sponsors are what keep the sport of dirt racing going, so we make it a focal point to ensure your sponsors' names are legible from a distance on your car, accompanied by stylish graphics that are sure to catch the fans’ eye.

Our design process begins with a little information from the driver/client. We'll get the name and information regarding your sponsors and the color combinations of your race car.

After your deposit, we then move on to the design phase. If you have a style or direction you're interested in, or if you want to start completely from scratch and let us take the reigns, we guarantee satisfaction before we print your wrap.


Once we nail the design, we move on to the printing stage. With THREE 64" large-format printers, our print time is among the quickest in the industry. We've also made the measurement process super easy for teams. With our precise template guide, we've highlighted the key areas of your car. Fill it out in less than 5 minutes, send it back to us to ensure your wrap fits perfectly all around.

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Prices DO NOT include shipping and tax. Modern Images charges a $200 installation fee. All wrap installs are done on location at Modern Images, we do not travel to install wraps.
ALL customers must put a valid credit card on file, NO exceptions. This helps protect our time and art. An artwork fee of MINIMUM $100 will be charged for customers who order artwork, regardless if it is printed or not.